David talks from the heart when sharing his learning experiences from inside some of Britains most successful sports, the ability to overcoming challenges, adapt to change, motivation, Resilience, importance of team work and communication.

David tailors his talks to the requirements needed for each client.

David has delivered  talks for clients who include:

  • Sony
  • Nike
  • Scottish Student Sport, St. Andrews University
  • The British Army
  • English Institute of Sport
  • Sport Scotland
  • E2E Exchange
  • Marks and Spencers
  • British Cycling
  • Scottish Cycling
  • Scottish Golf
  • Paralympics GB front line to start line 
  • University of West of Scotland
  • ByBox
  • Babybel UK
  • Youth sports trust
  • British Karate
  • Commonwealth Games Scotland
  • The Commonwealth Youth Summit
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
  • DSUK


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    “In the 13 years I have been at the EIS I have never seen anyone get a standing ovation at our national conference, and so truly deserved the applause. I was moved to tears and have taken his key message of gratitude in to every day of my life. I want to show the presentation to the athletes I work them to inspire them to live with more gratitude”
    “The most incredible hour I have ever heard somebody speak. A truly inspirational person, who spoke phenomenally about his experiences and journey. Truly moving and incredibly thought provoking. To learn and appreciate achievement and success when facing such adversity is a life lesson for all. A standing ovation showed this was felt by everyone in the room”



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    “Best keynote I have ever attended at the conference and have ever seen a standing ovation before!  I do not think there was a dry eye in the house - very inspiring and motivational and I will be encouraging those who missed it to watch it”
    “One of the strongest, most moving, humbling and inspiring speeches I have ever heard”

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