LYING IN A BED.............

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Lying in a bed this time last year pretty much unable to walk I could only dream of racing for Great Britain  

I sat on the chair before stepping up onto the track this weekend and thought how lucky I am that I am about to suffer like hell for 3km as this time last year I lay in a bed barely unable to get out the front door of the house. 


For me goals are important, but there only important if based on values, then once we achieve them we remain humble in our suscess, and if we dont reach them we are upset but are gracious in not quite reaching our goals. 


For me cycling is like this, my dream is to ride for Great Britian and I am doing this, would I like to win?, of course I would love to win, I train dam hard everyday of my life to win and give it everything. However sometimes we cant always win even when we give it everything. 


"As long as you can look in the mirror and say you did everything you could then you can be proud, I would hate to look in the mirror knowing I didnt give it my all"


So this weekend I left with a silver, and a bronze medal, I am happy with how I rode and its a starting point to build through the winter, but the biggest thing I took away from a personal level was how much I loved been part of the team. Living in the moment and living for the day doing what you love.


This was also reinforced by all the events that had happened around the world which made me think lots about my own situation and how lucky I am. It was nice to start the racing off with a minute silence in respect. Again showing that values are more important than reaching goals. 


I never once thought about my 8mm race as I was so wrapped up in the enjoyment of competing for my country with my team mates.


Living with Gratitude  


david smith