Standing looking through this small street on the last day of the year reflecting back to the first day of 2015 where I could barely walk and today on the last day of the same year I cycled 150km over some breath taken mountain passes and passed through small towns on the island of Mallorca. 


Sometimes as an athlete it becomes about numbers and data as you strive to win medals, however on this ride I answered many questions I have had since that day when I was told I had 8mm left inside my spinal cord. It wasn't about numbers or medals, it was about living your passion, living for the moment. Not worrying about all the what ifs and uncertainties. Thats the beauty of the bike, when your going fast down hill you have to focus on the moment and when going up your just pushing as hard as you can. I often look down at my legs when going up hill and say how grateful I am for them. I remember looking down at them in hospital and they had wasted away completely and now they have just powered me to 20hours of cycling in one week.


How often do you look at your legs and just say thank you for getting me about? Maybe you wouldn't even think of doing that as its something we all take for granted.   


So as 2016 unfolds and we all set goals and dreams for the year, remember not to loose living in the moment and loving every breath you take.


January holds so much for me, I get to train now in Palma with my team mates as they arrive today for another 10days. It has been an amazing two weeks here on my own training, slightly strange Christmas day celebrating on my own, but I have loved every second here. 


In answer to the holding off on surgery, this is why, I get to live for another 6 months doing what I love, I am very scared as we move through January as I go back for my MRI on the 30th and in lots of ways this is the biggest MRI of my life..... So how do you live in the weeks up to this MRI?


You live with Passion and Gratitude


I wish you all a very healthy and good 2016. Remember to look up and take in the beautiful world we live in and make time for friends and enjoy everyday.... 

david smith